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🥱 How to use a Dream Pillow 😴

🥱 How to use a Dream Pillow.😴
🌙If you are lucky enough to acquire a dream pillow; whether gift, homemade, or purchase; you may be wondering how to utilize it. These pillows are usually small, fabric sewn pillows filled with herbs that sometimes include crystal pieces and stuffing. Since each herb has its own metaphysical aspects, the purpose of the pillow will greatly depend on what is in it. Some of the more common pillows will involve a good night’s rest, sweet dreams (no nightmares), or even prophetic, lucid dreaming.
🌙Either way, the general use remains the same. Simply place these little pillows in your pillow case or under your pillow before you go to bed at night. Incase of sensitivity to what’s in the dream pillow, you can place it under your bed. To understand the affects of your specific pillow, research the metaphysical or symbolic properties of the herbs inside. Happy dreaming!

About the Author:

Sharing the PassionI love creating and teaching. Once my mind wraps around an idea for creating something I believe can be special and significant, it bleeds into many other potential inventions. Before long, I end up with several different creations that can contribute in someway to make life more meaningful, fun, and magical.I'm a very spiritually driven individual.  I also have a strong desire that my actions, work, and hobbies have a meaningful impact on myself and those I engage with.  My hope is to share my passion for creating, alongside my passion for personal growth. May these items add depth and meaning to you and your space.

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