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Merry Meet,

Welcome to FaeHolm, your number one source for all things magickal, mystical, and handmade. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best, with a focus on quality, uniqueness, and customer service. Founded in 2019 by Amanda, FaeHolm is beginning its mission to help artisans and small businesses. The project grew out of Amanda’s passion for helping other artisans flourish. Her desire to provide the best marketplace drove her to do intense research, and gave her the strength to turn that research and inspiration into a mystical online reality. We are thrilled to be part of the magickal wing of the online pagan, spiritualist, and misfits of the world industry. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy creating them for you.


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Why Choose Us?

We are as unique as you!

Supporting small businesses

Why sell or buy on FaeHolm? Why take the path least tread upon? For sellers, we understand why you might not want to step away from those other marketplaces that are mainstream. The ones that are now household names, but remember when they first started they were no name brands also. So take a small risk with us, it is free and only if we do our job correctly and that turns into sales for you do we see any return at site level. In addition, 5% of that fee
return will go to a local charity that our artisans vote on. Plus, we actually support you staying on any mainstream sites and or your own e-commerce site. We know and understand that in today’s world it takes multi-pronged marketing to create proper income to afford a comfortable life.

For customers, we understand that you might want to shop for name brands that you know. However, I assure you that buying from small businesses, and our local artisans will always help out local communities and in turn improve the overall economy for us all. Artisans represented here, are creating high quality products that are full of passion, creativity, talent, and skill just for you. They are focused on a more balanced lifestyle. One that combines not only a sufficient standard of living for them and their families, but also supports those less fortunate or struggling, while providing high quality unique products that will delight you.

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May your creativity soar.

The Driving Force!

The main goal with the creation of the site, is to build something larger than just a marketplace. We want this to become the model community that all marketplaces should aspire to be. We want both, the artisans and guests to feel welcomed, inspired, and informed. We want to create genuine connections around the world. To learn from one another and be inspired to be healthier versions of ourselves. We have many lofty and wonderful goals to implement, but we are going to grow one step at a time. Everyone here at FaeHolm, wants to welcome you in joining our journey. May we all flourish upon the path. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Blessed be.

Supporting Each Other

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