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Have you been told by a friend how amazing our community is, and thinking about joining us as an artisan or creator? Here is some information that will help sweeten you up.

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Common Questions

FaeHolm by heart is a multi-vendor marketplace that eagerly welcomes the magickal and alternative artisans around the enchanted world. It is more than just an independent platform for you to promptly sell your unique products on. It is genuinely a creative community of small business artisans who are willing to collaborate creative ideas and specialized products rather than just compete with each other. 

It is free to promptly use, list products, and customize your unique shop. Although there is a 10% commission fee once your products sell. It is understandable that some owners would want more of their considerable profits, so we thoughtfully included monthly memberships packed with features.

In monthly memberships there will be a processing fee this is the fee that PayPal and Stripe receive for their services. Their amounts will be subject to change.

Yes, anyone that feels comfortable supporting magickal and alternative artisans may sign up. FaeHolm is sincerely meant to me inclusive, not exclusive. Some amazing artisans are meticulously crafting up product collections just for the magickal feel of our site. Others are knowingly using this unique platform to progressively expand their customer base. There are so many excellent reasons why using FaeHolm as a business expansion, is respectively something to carefully look into.

At the precise moment the biggest perk is undoubtedly that it is still new to everyone. This unique site is unfamiliar to modern marketplaces, and the cultural reason and ambitious goals behind it are new. FaeHolm is growing naturally to become a sacred place that you feel at home with, along with the evolving marketplace finding ways for it to support your small business. 

It has a niche attraction, so you undoubtedly know the enthusiastic customers are most likely looking for your unique product. With this small knit community, we are also finding effective ways to collaborate creatively with each other to create fun features for artisans and customers alike. 

There is a couple Facebook groups so that if you are  unable to contact me you can consistently make a post on there. This creative type of active support seems like icing on the cake. The most fun perk in my eyes is that at this moment the artisans that have joined are supporting me from this marketplace, so just imagine the achievement they will have and feel once this grows you will receive the success we want. 

Therefore, I genuinely want to humbly ask you, what perks did you favorably receive on the other platforms that you would authentically like to promptly see on FaeHolm? I can reasonably see if I can willingly make it possible.

The founding of this unique site was one that had been long in extensive development but quick in successful establishment. I have been genuinely thinking I sincerely wanted to do more with myself as a creative artist, become more focused. The idea on how I could perform this while also helping others around me have been forming around in my head for years. The push to make a dream into reality hit all at once, when it came to my complete knowledge that many platforms hold magickal and alternative artisans hostage to use their platform or completely reject them.

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Unique Features

Customize Your Shop

Knowledgebase at hand

Community Focused

Complete Control

monthly Membership Levels

Ready for your Transformation?


Best to start with
$ 0
  • .10c Listing Fee After 30 Product Limit
  • Processing Fee Included In Fee
  • 10% Fee Per Sale
  • 5% To Charity
  • 3 Free Advertisements On/Off Site
  • 3 Blog Articles
  • Access To Facebook Community
  • 10% off FaeHolm Brand Products


keep more profit
$ 5
Per Month
  • .10c Listing Fee After 50 Product Limit
  • 4% Transaction Fee
  • Processing Fee Included in Transaction Fee
  • $2.50 For Your Choice Of Charity
  • 3 Free Advertisements On/ Off Site
  • 5 Blog Articles
  • Access To Facebook Community
Profit Saver


keep more profit
$ 20
Per Month
  • No Listing Fees (unlimited products)
  • 4% Transaction Fee
  • Processing Fee Included in Transaction Fee
  • $10 For Your Choice Of Charity
  • Verified Seller Check (Shop & Social)
  • 5 Free Advertisements On/ Off Site
  • Unlimited Blog Articles
  • Send Invoices & PDFs
  • Affiliate Shop ( Link products to your site )
  • Access To Wholesale Partnership
  • Access To Live Marketplace (Discord)
  • Access To Guest Speakers (Discord)
  • Access To Business Partnership
  • Access To Facebook Community
  • 20% off FaeHolm Brand Products


best value
$ 200
Per Year
  • All Features Of Phoenix
  • $100 For Your Choice Of Charity
  • 100/yr Advertisements On/ Off Site
  • Free Link In Bio Page
  • Affiliate Shop ( Link products to your site )
Money Saver
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