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Welcome to FaeHolm

FaeHolm is a mystical all in one platform for handmade artisans, craft businesses and portfolio connections.

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Embark on a mystical journey as an artisan or creator.

Business Features

Prices for everyone.

As you embark upon the enchanting path of registering your shop upon our platform, an ethereal choice awaits you. Within the mystical realm of fee memberships, you hold the power to select the one that resonates most with your business and aspirations. Should you venture without choosing a monthly or yearly tier, fear not, for the Fae tier shall forever embrace you as its default guardian. Unveil the magic of uninterrupted presence, as your beloved shop finds solace within our realm, never losing its cherished abode. As long as your desires intertwine with ours, your home shall forever thrive within our welcoming embrace.

Always $0

Open, list, and promote your shop at no cost to you. It is only when you make a sale that we also get paid.

Fae Membership

Low Fee

The 10% commission fee includes the amount given to charities and processing fees.


2% of your fees will be sent to the charity you have chosen or admin’s choice if unselected. 

Free Listings

List up to 30 products for free, before a lifetime listing purchase of $.10 is needed

Blog/ Articles

Share topics around your shop and products with the community. Limit 3


Join our communities in FB, Discord, and FaeBook to be in the loop.

Merch Discount

Receive 10% coupon on selected FaeHolm merch, products, courses and services. 

$5per month

Prices & Fees may change*

  • $1 To the charity of choice

  • Lower commission fee to 6% 

  • Upgrade product listing to 50

  • Upgrade to 5 blog articles 

  • Add auction listings

  • Add booking listings

  • Add subscription listings

  • Upgrade to 3 shop staff members 

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Small Business
$20per month

Prices & Fees may change*

  • $5 To the charity of choice

  • Lower commission fee to 4%+.60

  • Upgrade product listing to unlimited 

  • Upgrade featured product to 10

  • Upgrade to unlimited blog articles

  • Upgrade to wholesale listings

  • Upgrade to branded invoices

  • Upgrade to unlimited shop staff members

  • Upgrade to custom product pages

  • Upgrade to unique URL

  • Upgrade to affiliate listings

  • Access to small business building; courses, workshops, speakers, and more.

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Ultimate Business
$200$100per year
  • All upgrades of Phoenix plus;

  • $20 to charity of choice

  • Lower commission fee to 3.9% + 60¢

    3% + 60¢ (First 250 shops)

  • Upgrade featured products to 20

  • Upgrade to custom email, newsletters, and more

General Features Fae Pixie Phoenix Dragon
Pricing 10% commission fee $5 per month $20 per month $100 per year
Processing Fee Included in commission 6% 4% + .60¢ 3% + 60¢
Charity Amount 2% $1 $5 $20
Online Store
Secure online payments
Product Limit 30 products 50 products Unlimited Unlimited
Featured Products 3 5 10 20
Automated Sales Tax
Custom URL
FaeHolm Merch Discount 10% 15% 20% 25%
Shop Features Fae Pixie Phoenix Dragon
Gift Cards
Article Limit 3 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Analytics Basic Basic Advanced Advanced
Shop Staff 3 Unlimited Unlimited
Social Media
Manual Order Creation
Point Of Sale
Print On Demand Integration
Custom Design Products
Branding & Marketing Fae Pixie Phoenix Dragon
Abandoned cart email
Marketing Integration
Business Partnerships
Custom Product Pages
PDF Invoices
Access to:
Guest Speakers, Classes, and More
Access to:
FB, Discord, & FH community groups

Our current and future features

Always bringing the best to you, and your small business.