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Book Of Shadows

How to start your own?

There is so much information on the how, when, and why on the history of how the Book of Shadows came to be. However, not so much on how to create your own. So here are some tips, hints, and suggestions on how to make one perfect for your individual style.  (With a dash of history)


This is going to be a refection of you and the Craft you wish to see.  So everything I am about to tell you in here is just a guideline for you to envision yours.  If you feel strongly about making changes to any of this information then do so.  This is your path and you need to trust the magic inside of you. 

So for the cover you can use anything from just everyday paper to leather.  Here is a list to get the inspiration flowing.

For Covers

  • Printer Paper
  • Cardstock 
  • Cardboard 
  • Leather

For Pages

  • Printer Paper
  • Parchment Paper
  • Rice Paper
  • Basically any type of Paper


The style of your can me any type, as long as it fits and inspires you.

  • Normal 
  • Scrapbook 
  • Bullet
  • Mood Boards
  • Digital

An inspirational guide

Reminder that this is just to help you get your flow started.  If you wish to change any of this you should. 

  1. Rules,  manifesto,  or tenets of the code you with to bring to your path.
  2. If you have chosen a deity you wish to follow or just your personal development you wish for yourself. 
  3. List your goals,  cravings,  whims,  core desires,   and feelings.  Where you see your life if all these are manifested. 
  4. Intention manifest a to do list that logs the magic work you are doings in preparations of manifesting your wishes.  For examples a daily schedule for practicing including how,  where,  when,  and the intentions of each work. 
  5. Magical references 
  • Ingredients you use the most or ones you will need most for your workings. 
  • Chants, and mantras 
  • Spells
  • Charts
  • Crystals and Gems
  • Herbology 
  • Tools 
  • And anything you wish to focus on. 

6. Other handy materials 

  • Annual lunar calendar
  • Recent Tarot reading notes
  • Recent readings notes

Extra Mentions

I will be releasing a digital Book Of Shadows along with a Planner Of Shadows.  If they become a best seller I will then make them completely customable to you individually. 


  • The Complete Book of Witchcraft by Raymond Buckland
  • Wikipedia page on Book of Shadows


The book of shadows is not something that is too deep in the Pagan and magical world, the community used to gather and to learn and communicate between tribes. However,  when the time of witch prosecution the need to hide all evidence from those who may have had the power to accuse them of Witch Craft.  We all should know about now that in most cases the witch hunts were political in the way that people would place the blame on others they might have had a feud with or just didn’t like them in general.  However,  even if this was the case witches,  pagans, and heathens could not risk this.  Many covens took to splitting up,  and only meeting each other in the shadows.  So the Book Of Shadows was born.  Although,  it was not that easy.  The first time a BOS entered history was when Gerald Gardner,  the “father of Wicca”, first introduced the Book of Shadows to people that he had initiated into the craft through his Bricket Wood coven in the 1950s.

Prior to the BOS storytellers in many forms which may include bards,  and poets would travel around spreading local myths,  and news.  There was also mentions that a few of them would gather in one place to go over everyone’s stories to see which one was in the majority so that one tale would be the one to tell from now on.   

After such times the new ritual of the Book Of Shadows remained in the Craft,  leading each Coven copying it and recopying it as it was passed down to future Priests and Priestesses.  This would make the BOS the Coven’s book,  which tended to be large and full of all previous knowledge.  The coven members would make their own books to keep notes on their own specialties for examples herbal lore,  astrology,  healings,  and so many more.  The Coven leader would hold on to and protect the BOS which held the rituals and rights to protect themselves.  The member’s books were sometimes called a witch’s book. 



There is so much information on the how, when, and why on the history of how the Book of Shadows came to be. However, not so much on how to create your own.