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three reasons I create my own oracle cards

The 3 Reasons Why I Create My Own Oracle Cards

I’ve been making oracle cards for several years now and have really enjoyed the process. But I realized that I never really sat down to tell you why I love it. That is what I want to do today, share the story of why I create my own Oracle Cards.

Shadow Work Article Descriptor Image

A Shadow Work Primer

Shadow Work:  Spiritual buzzword or useful practice?  It can often be a challenge to figure out what exactly one should be working on in the range of shadow work, especially when you’re just starting on the path. I’ve long turned to tarot as a useful tool for digging up those things I don’t want to admit or face but need to confront and move through.

Saturnish logo surrounded by tarot cards

Why Saturnish?

What’s in a name? Get to know why I chose the name Saturnish for my shop!

How to care for & clean your jewelry

If you tend to have issues with your jewelry tarnishing, turning a different color after multiple wears, you are not alone.  Learn some easy ways to keep your jewelry in tip top shape and looking beautiful.

🥱 How to use a Dream Pillow 😴

If you are lucky enough to acquire a dream pillow; whether gift, homemade, or purchase; you may be wondering how to utilize it.  Here are some dream pillow basics.

Enjoying Herbal Bath Salts Stress Free

Every wonder how to enjoy herbal bath salts without the stress of clogging the pipes or having things floating around you?  In this article I share the different ways you can enjoy herbal bath salts without these stressors.

Faeries and Love

The lore of the faery realm has, like the world of humans, traditionally focused on love—both tales of faery lovers and of fey beings who have fallen in love with mortals and sometimes tried to keep them forever in their faery kingdoms.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is one of the most popular gemstones, and usually one of the first in any collection. There are many compelling reasons as to why this makes it so. In this minor post, we will touch up on some of the most basic and most known about this precious stone that has captured our hearts.