🌛🌝🌜 Greetings, Lunar Family!!
🎉 I wanted to make an announcement. In just a few days it will be July, the 7th month of our calendar year. I know, crazy right! This means the holidays are around the corner. And with the economy all crazy, we could use a little help when getting those special gifts for those special peeps.
🎄 So! For all the month of July, the Lady of Lunar Magick shop will be celebrating “Christmas In July” with a 20% discount on all items excluding subscriptions! We will even have a special “Christmas In July” Event on the week of July 11th where you can possible add an additional 10% off your purchase. So make sure to keep checking in on our Lady of Lunar Magick Facebook page so you don’t miss anything and get ready to have some Lunar Magick fun! ✨🥳

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