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All payments are done through PayPal and Stripe which means that all forms of credit or debit cards are accepted. Gift cards and coupons will be taken from your balance prior to payment. 

Artisans may choose to accept their payment through PayPal, Stripe, direct, or check. They will also be paid their preferred currency although there may be a fee to do so.  

There are hundreds of individual artisans and they are in control of where they may ship to and the fees associated with the shipping. You may find this information on their store page if they choose to share it.  

FaeHolm was created to be inclusive and not exclusive, this means as long as you feel comfortable and follow the terms of conditions you may use this platform.  

All shops will have their policies which include refunds, exchanges, and cancelations. Not all artisans may accept all or any of these, so please read them on the shop and product pages prior to purchase 

While FaeHolm was created and based in USA, there are artisans and shops worldwide.

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