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Enjoying Herbal Bath Salts Stress Free

🌿Today I wanted to look at bath salts and different ways you can distribute the contents in your bath tub. I will never forget the first time I used herbal bath salts. I was so excited to try this new thing that was suppose to help me relax and give me so many good vibes. So, I started the tub water. Temperature was perfect. I was off to a great start. I poured my herbal bath salts in the water. Hmm, it looked nice, mostly. Little flower petals floating in the water. There were other things to, just didn’t know what they were. Did I read what was in it? Can’t remember. Then I got in…… yeah. I was struggling to feel relaxed. My OCD was kicking in. I had things floating around me as if I had been rolling outside in the dirt. I decided to cut the bath short. As I drained the water, I saw all this debris going down the drain and was worried about things getting clogged. I also had to shower and get all these things, that were now stuck to my skin, off. Lol, we can see this was not exactly what I was expecting to experience.

🌿For someone who sells herbal bath salts, I’m not exactly doing a good job boosting my product, am I? This experience taught me I had to approach herbal bath salts from a different angle if I wanted to have this relaxed, good vibe feeling. It also taught me I may not be alone in wanting to enjoy such a product and having issues doing so. But never fear, there are different approaches to enjoying such things without the stress.

🌿– If you’re only concerned with the herbal aspects of bath salts possibly clogging your pipes, you can use a strainer on the drain. You can find different sizes to possibly fit your drain so you can catch all the herbal pieces and dispose of them when all is said and done.

🌿– If you are like me and would like to keep the tub water free of floating pieces and avoid them sticking to you (never pleasant when rosemary is used in the bath salts), than you can put the bath salt contents in a muslin bag. These are reusable cotton cloth bags often used for brewing loose leaf teas. They come in various sizes. With the appropriate size, you can pour your bath salt contents in the muslin bag, tie the end, and place it in the tub as the water is running. It works perfectly. The relaxing, good vibe affects of the bath salts are the same without the pieces floating around you, if that is distracting from the peace you are trying to create. I love using my muslin bags and they are reusable. I simply let mine hang dry after use and discard the contents after it’s dry. Then I wash it up either by hand or in the machine.

🌿I offer 10 different bath salt blends in my shop. And the option to add a muslin bag to the purchase is included. 🥳

About the Author:

Sharing the PassionI love creating and teaching. Once my mind wraps around an idea for creating something I believe can be special and significant, it bleeds into many other potential inventions. Before long, I end up with several different creations that can contribute in someway to make life more meaningful, fun, and magical.I'm a very spiritually driven individual.  I also have a strong desire that my actions, work, and hobbies have a meaningful impact on myself and those I engage with.  My hope is to share my passion for creating, alongside my passion for personal growth. May these items add depth and meaning to you and your space.

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