🌿Today I wanted to cover a bit on jewelry care. If you tend to have issues with your jewelry tarnishing, turning a different color after multiple wears, you are not alone. Many much loved pieces experience such occurrences. But this does not have to be the end of our beloved jewelry.
🌿“Tarnish occurs on silver and gold jewelry when the surface of the piece combines with sulfur, body oils, makeup, sweat, and other outside substances.” Have no fear! There are ways to clean such jewelry, even with a bubble bath. Here is the link for easy, various ways to clean tarnished jewelry.  Info found at https://www.purposejewelry.org/…/how-to-clean-tarnished…
🌿Sometimes our pieces turn green. The green color is from a chemical reaction called oxidation between the copper metal and things like water or chemicals. Some jewelry is made of copper with silver or gold on top. For these pieces, often referred to as costume jewelry, there are a few methods that could help restore your jewelry to its original look. Here is a link I found that describes various, easy options. https://soqofficial.com/how-to-clean-costume-jewelry…/
🌿Overall, because of basic wear and tear, we can not avoid discoloration from happening to our favorite pieces over time. It is nice to know there are ways to fix such phenomenon. But you can do a few things to help slow down this coloration process. Here are some tips I share for basic jewelry care in my listings at my shop.
🌿Keep it Dry. Be sure you remove your jewelry before showering, doing dishes, swimming, or while doing any other activity involving water. You should never wear your jewelry when cleaning with chemicals. Make sure to store your jewelry away from steamy bathrooms or laundry rooms to ensure they stay dry. You can even place a piece of chalk in your jewelry box to absorb moisture.

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