Divine Feminine Guidance Reading


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Hello, my lovies.

If you have found yourself on some kind of wild deep twin flame/ soul connection and are questioning where to go next or why the connection even came and went, or whatever the heck happened, then you are in the right place. 

In this reading, I will check-in:

1. With the current energy with your person?
2. Where the energy is headed?
3. What was the lesson that this connection brought?
4. What healing occurred because of this connection?
5. Where to put your focus?
6. Closing message from spirit. 

These questions cannot be changed. 

If the reading doesn’t resonate with the client then will receive $120 of the original $180, as the reading still took time for Crimson Clover to do. 

If interested in reading, either virtual or just a record or both please email Crimson Clover at crimson.clover.connect@gmail.com


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