Gemstone Affirmation/Word Mantra Bracelet


Affirmations are powerful tools.  They set the stage for releasing and empowering the unique you.  These Gemstone Affirmation/Word Mantra Bracelets were designed with this in mind, becoming a powerful tool which helps you be your best self.


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Each affirmation is paired with a gemstone that adds positive energy and influence, empowering the intent of each mantra.  


Rose Quartz/ “Loved” – rose quartz encourages compassion, kindness, self-love, emotional healing, joy, and peace

Pink Zebra Jasper/ “Worth It” – pink zebra jasper encourages stability, contentment, and joy; and is believed to create a sense of security and promote a relaxed environment

Rhodonite/”Precious” – rhodonite encourages peace, clarity, joy, happiness, self-love, and emotional wellbeing

Amazonite/”Guided” – amazonite protects against negative emotions, encourages forgiveness, peace, and understanding; and enhances intuition and psychic powers

Amethyst/”Magical” – amethyst encourages love, peace, and healing, and it stimulates psychic abilities and powers, psychic protection, clairvoyance, and dream divination

Chrysocolla/”Awake” – chrysocolla encourages peace and soothes emotions, grants the power of discretion and increased wisdom, and aids in awareness

Tiger’s Eye/”Energized” – tiger’s eye encourages energy that motivates, strengthen conviction, create courage and confidence, and elevates your natural vitality, will power, and determination

Fancy Jasper/”Stronger” – fancy jasper lends energy to health and protection, it encourages inner strength and confidence and is considered a supreme nurturer stone

Dragon Blood Stone/”Powerful” – dragon blood stone encourages creativity, courage, strength, personal power, and promotes vitality

*Order the designs already created by selecting the affirmation and your wrist size.  Custom options are available.  If a custom size is needed, select the custom option and send me a message with your wrist size.  If a different affirmation is desired, mark custom in the affirmation section and contact me.  I’m happy to see what I can do.

-Bracelet Sizes

Wrist Measurement Inches Size to Order Inches        Size                           Notes

                   5.5                                5.75-6                      Petite

                   6                                           6.25-6.5              Small

                   6.5                                 6.75-7                       Medium       Common woman’s size

                   7                                        7.25-7.5                      Large

               Custom                                                                               Custom sizes always welcome

**If custom size is needed, select custom option and sent me a message with wrist size.**

**How to care for jewelry:

Keep it Dry

Be sure you remove your jewelry before showering, doing dishes, swimming, or while doing any other activity involving water.  You should never wear your jewelry when cleaning with chemicals.  Make sure to store your jewelry away from steamy bathrooms or laundry rooms to ensure they stay dry.  You can even place a piece of chalk in your jewelry box to absorb moisture.

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