LARGE Witch Box

LARGE Witch Box


Dear Witches, 

Try our wonderful mystery boxes! 

Check out all four sizes to offered in our shop! 

A Ginormous Variety of Gorgeous Curios, Altar Supplies, Magickal Clothing Items, Statues, Herbs & More!



LARGE: 100% That Witch Box-

This box is perfect for the witch you adore! Screw the love potion, whose says you can’t buy love…..JUST KIDDING   

Cauldrons of all shapes and sizes, cast iron chime holders!

Assorted Dried Herbs, Resins, Dried Flowers, Spices

Candles, Candle Holders

Chimes, Chalices, Altar Bells

Altar Cloths

Incense, Burners, Cones, Crystals, Glass Jars and much more

Witchy Clothing,

Hand Made Besoms 

Crystals, Charging Plates And So Much More

condition: new


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