Love Attraction Oil roller 10ml


This oil and herbal blend for the purpose of attracting new love, strengthening current relationships or interests as well as bringing emotional wholeness into your life. Each ingredient has been selected for its incredibly potent purpose in opening the door to love and passion!There are various different ways in which you can use this oil blend, it’s important to use the oil as instructed for the maximum effect. Remember, intention is key and it’s important to always concentrate on this to manifest your desire!
This Oil is also used to keep your relationship strong and loving. 

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– Use  with a love bag by anointing it regularly (once a week or every two weeks) for maximum effect.
– Anoint yourself with the love attraction oil; pulse points, hands, wrists, drops added to your hair.
– Use to anoint photographs or letters, if you have a specific person in mind by rubbing some of the oil on the edges of the photograph or letter.
– Jewelry can also be dressed with the oil before use by dabbing a drop or two.
– A few drops can be added in your ritual bath.
– Use with love spells and candle magick. Anoint a pink/red/white candle with the oil and once the candle has been lit, concentrate on your desire and state your wish “I desire for __”. When attempting to attract a specific individual, carve the individual’s name on the candle and anoint with the oil. Once lit, concentrate on that individual and what you desire to happen. This should be done on a Friday as it is rules by Venus. 

The possibilities are endless when using this oil. Know that we all have free will, if you are feeling stuck or a certain person still is out of reach step back and ask if they really are for your highest good. Remember this also strengthens your emotional wholeness.



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