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Infused with oils and herbs, our blends are handmade. 1/2 oz bottles.
Please indicate which oil you would like in your NOTES section when ordering.

Banishing -.To discourage unwanted visitors, to rid yourself of a person’s influence or presence in your life, to rid yourself of negative energy, conditions, presences, influences, hexes or curses from your life.

STFU (AKA Shut Your Mouth) – To stop gossip in its tracks. To stop those who will lie about you or spread malicious gossip, talk about you behind your back, or try to say things to others to cause trouble for you.

Mind Your Own Business – life. Sometimes even causes events in the other person’s life that require their undivided attention so that they forget about being interested in bothering you.

Tied – To use on meddlesome people to stop their ability to interfere, or use on someone you need to control. Similar to binding, it ties up the person so they are not able to do you harm.

Lost & Away – To send a person, problem, situation, or negative energy of any kind far far away from you.

Cut & Clear – To totally cleanse of residual negative energy and replace it with positive energy. Can help tremendously when suffering a loss, or when you just want to rid yourself of the stress of the day.

Keep Away Enemies – To keep away enemies or meddlesome people and have some peace and quiet in your life.

Hotfoot – To send them away and makin’ tracks in a hurry. Can also be used for long distance workings with candle magick.

Bon Voyage – Does a person just keep hanging around and showing up, and you really want to send them on their way and discourage them from stopping by or staying too long?

Make Your Enemy Move – So what happens when the person causing you trouble lives right next door to you, or too close for comfort in any event? Don’t start packing, make them move!

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