Oils:Screw Them 10x


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Infused with oils and herbs, our blends are handmade.
Please indicate which oil you would like in your NOTES section when ordering.

Doormat – To weaken someone’s self confidence and self-esteem to the point they will let people walk all over them.

Misfortune – For fast bad luck.

Don’t Love Me – To make a person be perceived as unloveable to their significant other or any potential love interest.

A Dirty Shame – To foster bad opinions and disgust, to make people have a negative opinion about someone.

Unmasking – Unmask what they are hiding and show the world who they really are.

Road Block – The opposite of Blockbuster, to create obstacles and problems that weren’t there, to prevent success.

Nothing But Trouble-Nothing but problems.

Infertility – The opposite of Fertility.

Unnatural Illness – So, this can amplify those symptoms or create hypochondria, if not actual illness. (Which is very likely, because someone can think themselves to be ill to the point that they actually become ill.)

Un-Easy Life – Similar to Nothing But Trouble, this oil is designed to stop everything from going their way.

Miscommunication – To constantly have people misunderstand them or say the wrong thing to the wrong person in the worst possible way at the worst possible time.

Stir The Pot – For trouble to not die down over time, to keep it resurfacing and discouraging peace.

Empty-Handed – Things always seem to come so easy to some people.

Opportunity and success just falls into their hands. This is for making success and opportunity slip right through their fingers. So they never gain what they try to achieve no matter how hard they try.

Un-Pretty – Similar to A Dirty Shame, for not only someone’s inner ugliness to show, but to also put a mirror in front of that person’s face to make them see what they don’t want to see.

Bankrupt. Not necessarily an oil that I altered from the traditional formula, but it fits with this collection and does what it says.

Unemployment – Not to make them lazy or not want to work, but for constant problems on the job, or for making it difficult for them to find a job.

Suggested uses: Use these oils on black candles (preferably a male or female figural candle, or another shape if it is to represent more than one person or an entity). Do not use these oils on yourself. The reason why should be obvious. You can also use them on poppets to represent your enemy, or sometimes even in a jar spell that you bury on the person’s property (use common sense and obey the law. I don’t encourage trespassing). Never bury an enemy working on your own property.

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