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Infused with oils and herbs, our blends are handmade. 1oz bottles.
Please indicate which oil you would like in your NOTES section when ordering.

Saints – Petition all the saints when you need Divine intervention, strong help, and fast! This oil is special enough to attract the favor of all the saints and petition them to intervene on your behalf. Not only powerful, but it smells beautiful, crafted with the finest roots, herbs, resins, essential oils, and curios, including Vanilla Bean and one Tonka Bean.

Master Key – This door-opening formula contains herbs for promoting total success in every aspect of your life and achieving your goals and getting to the place you want to be. Whether it’s personal life issues, job, magickal workings, emotional and mental wellness, this oil is crafted for luck and success in all areas and unlocking your power, intuition, and those things that you desire. Contains key charm in every bottle.

Attraction – For love or money. Can be used to attract to you whatever you desire to help attain your goals. Whether it is love, money, prosperity, a new job, material goods, you name it! Do you need help with finances, getting out of debt, help finding a job or a companion? Our Attraction Oil can be used for attracting either love or prosperity and contains a lodestone and pyrite. Fragrance is allspice, white musk, cherry blossom, sweet pea, sandalwood, and much more.

Fiery Wall of Protection – This is a formula that has proved tried and true for hundreds of years. It can be used for psychic, spiritual, or physical protection and defense against any type of treat imaginable. It can be used to anoint doors, windows, yourself, candles to protect a person the candle represents, for legal, health, business, and financial problems. It can even be used to prevent backlash on yourself when performing workings against an enemy. Our Fiery Wall Of Protection Oil contains 11 powerful ingredients, and the fragrance is Angelica, Ginger, Bay, Dragon’s Blood, and much more.

Abundance – Abundance Oil, for drawing riches and plenty in every aspect of your life. Fragrance is spruce, ginger, myrrh, orange, clove, and more.

Van-Van – Van-Van Oil is a New Orleans Voodoo staple. It is an all purpose oil that you always want to keep on hand. It can be used for uncrossing, clearing, drawing love and success. It an be used to clear away negativity, change bad luck to good, uncross crossed conditions. It an also be used to bring luck in love matters, business, finances, and more. It can be used as a road opener for new opportunities.

Crown of Success – Our own special Crown of Success formula is based strongly on the original Hoodoo traditional formula with some extra touches. It contains many fine herbs and roots such as Cinnamon, Five Finger Grass, Solomon’s Seal, and High John the Conqueror Root chips, and much more. It is blended especially for success in any aspect of your life in which you man need it. Such as gaining employment, doing well in school, business endeavors, projects, beating addictions and bad habits, winning competitions or athletic activities, you name it! Anything you put your mind or your hands to.

You Please – Remember the children’s book/movie where the handsome farm boy was continually asked by the beautiful Buttercup to do menial tasks, whatever she could think of to get him to do, just to hear him say, “As you wish.”? She took great joy in pestering him, and he took great joy in pleasing her. Well, this oil is kind of like that. Sprinkled on th ground or placed where a someone will come in contact with it, this will cause that person to return to you. It will also cause others to wish to please you at all costs. So, beware. you might get a stalker. Fragrance is neroli, musk, cinnamon, and more.

Bend Over – This oil makes others do your bidding. Also use it to break any hexes put on you and return them to sender. Fragrance is honeysuckle, rose, and more.

Do As I Say – Another formula similar to Bend Over that causes folks to do as you say. Fragrance is calamus. cedar, peppermint, and more.

I Can You Can’t – This oil will help you get an edge over the competition and create a barrier to prevent your competitor from affecting you. if they want to take something away from you or manipulate circumstances to achieve or aquire what should rightfully be yours. this is the oil to use. Not only to prevent them from taking from you, but to prevent them from succeeding in their endeavors.

Essence of Bend Over – One of the most concentrated of the commanding oils, it takes things to the next level, into the realm of domination. Essence of Bend Over is used to turn the tables and twist the odds in your favor. Fragrance is honeysuckle, calamus, licorice, high john, rose geranium, and more.

Compelling – Gain power for yourself, use this oil to change things so they go in your favor. This will compel others to give in to your desires. Fragrance is jasmine, lavender, honeysuckle, myrrh, violet, and more.

Domination – Use to dominate a person or situation with power and confidence. Not to be used against others to abuse them, or the oil will twist on you and return karmic retribution to you.

Commanding – Take charge, command a situation or a person to your will. Rub a small amount in your hands before shaking hands with the person you wish to influence, be sure to look them in the eye while focusing on your will.i


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