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Infused with oils and herbs, our blends are handmade. 1/2 oz bottles.
Please indicate which oil you would like in your NOTES section when ordering.

Wicca – Designed for Wican rituals and initiations.

Sacred Circle – For anointing your body prior to religious rituals to stimulate spirituality. Also for anointing others.

Stone Circle Power- Use this blend for banishing and protection from physical and spiritual danger.

Witch Oil – Is prepared on the night of a full moon. Use to anoint candles for all types of magic, divination, spirit communication.

Witch Blood Oil – Designed to be used only by a High Priest or High Priestess.

Anointing Oil – For blessing candles before they are used in a ceremony. Can also be sed for cleansing altars or worship rooms.

God Oil – To invoke the masculine side of your spiriutal self for magical workings.

Goddess Oil – Made during a waxing moon phase and allowed to sit for 13 nights. Use to invoke or worship the Goddess.

High Priestess – For initiations and use within the sacred Circle during magical work.

High Priestess Initiation – Tis oil is specifically for initiation.

High Altar – Burn only on an altar that has been blessed, and good spirits will come.

Initiation – For works of initiation and consecration, ceremonies, and Esbats.

Priestess – Enchanting oil that brings down the energies of the goddess and increases self-confidence and self-esteem.

Mystic Rites – General oil for Sabbat and ritual. Vibrates on a powerful spiritual and magickal level.

Power of Old – Traditional Blend to increase power in any work.


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