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Quartz Arrowhead Pendants


Up for grabs are five (5) Quartz arrowhead pendants each wrapped in a different colored macrame cording. Each arrowhead is about an inch long or less and are pictured alongside a penny for easy size reference.

Please let me know which color cording you would like at check out, otherwise I will intuitively choose for you!

Colors Available (1 of each):

Sienna Red

Peacock Blue




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Crystal Quartz is one of the most well known stones, not just by sight but also for it’s properties. It has been widely used over the centuries as a healing stone and has even found its way into modern technology due to its amplifying abilities. Clear quartz is a versatile crystal as it can be programmed for literally any intention you wish, making it a master healing stone and the go-to for energy workers and healers. The energy of quartz expands outwards from the stone itself much like a bubble, so to say. Quartz is a very powerful amplifying stone, able to amplify any energy or thought it is used for. Because of this trait, it should be mentioned that one should be very careful with what the intend when using crystal quartz and keep a clear and focused mind on that intent. Quartz has a great ability to focus, amplify, store, and even transform energy. It can even help amplify the energy of other stones which is highly beneficial when doing work with gridding. Quartz can help protect against negativity, provide healing, aid with emotional exhaustion, boost motivation, provide clarity of mind, assist with meditation and dream walking, raise one’s own energy, and so much more. The uses for this stone are virtually endless and all depend upon what you would like it to assist you with!


All my items are made with macrame cording and are held together with a bonding agent or heat treated to prevent them from coming undone. Past customers have even told me they hold up fantastically even when they come intact with water.

I smudge all my items with white sage before sending them off to make sure they arrive cleared of any energy and ready for yours!

I will combine shipping for multiple purchases! Please allow 3-5 business days for shipping of pre-made items and 5-7 business days for custom items that are currently in stock. Please allow 4-6 weeks for requested and commissioned items due to having to source a specific stone for you and make the item.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that crystal/gemstone therapy should never replace actual medical care or advice from a doctor. Any information in this listing is not intended for medical advice and should not be taken as such. Please see your doctor concerning any medical concerns you may have.



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