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Organic Herbs Sold Only in ritual sized bags.

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Icelans Moss Spiritual Use: Sprinkle this herb in the path of your enemy to return any evil intent.

Indian Arrowroot

Indian Hemp

Indian Tobacco


Irish Moss-Spiritual Use: increase a steady, flow of money,bring good luck when gambling.

Istafiate Spritual Uses:Useful in divination


Jamaican Ginger


Jezebel Root

Jim’s Son Weed

Job’s Tears

Joe Pie

Judas Tree Leaves

Jumby Seed

Juniper Berries

Kava Kava  Spiritual Uses: To attract good luck and love.

Kelp Spiritual Uses:  to increase business and to bring general good luck in all affairs.

Knotgrass Spiritual Uses:To bind two lovers together, or to bind your enemy and stop his luck.

Konjac Root Spiritual Uses:

Kudzu Root Spiritual Uses:

Khus Khus Spiritual UsesCarry in Red Flannel Bag and it will make you irrestible to the opposite sex.

King of the Woods Spiritual Uses: Confidence,Used by men to control women

King Solomon Spiritual Uses:

KIng’s Fern Spiritual Uses:

Kola Nuts Spiritual Uses: To  calm nerves

Lady’s Mantle

Lady’s Slipper

Lady’s Thumb

Lagrimas San Pedro




Lemon Balm

Lemon Verbena


Lemon Peel

Licprice Root

Life Everlasting


Lint Bells

Lion’s Tooth

Little John Chew




Low John the Conqueror

Lucky Hand Root

Lucky Seven Root



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