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Carry these roots with you for your intended purpose.

Aaron’s Rod-Soak in court case oil or rub on a court case candle for a favorable outcome. One of the most potent safeguard against evil spirits and magic, and is hung over doors, in windows, or carried in sachets powders.

Adam and Eve Root- Usually given to a couple to ensure continued happiness together.

Ajo Macho Bulb- used for protection and money.

Bat’s Head Root-for protection against witchcraft.

Buckeye- can be used for spiritual protection.

Colorines- for good luck, success.

Get Away-Sprinkle the Get Away Root around your property and in your house to make those unwanted people leave and go fast! By keeping this special root in your home or even your bedroom will keep your roommates or family from prying in your business.

Gravel Root- Carry with you to make sure you get the job you’re looking for.

High a John the Conqueror Root Bag-helps to conquer obstacles in many areas of life.

Indian Root- used mainly for gambling success.

Jezebel Root- can be thrown in an enemies yard to make them move.

Job’s Tears- Can carry up to 7 wishes.Carry in purse, wallet or pocket for fast luck, money & protection from all harm.

King Solomon’s Root-Carry to school to help you make wise decisions and studying

Nutmeg-general good luck piece.

Palma Christi- Place under rugs for protection from enemies and for fast luck.

Southern John the Conqueror Root Bag
To have power over enemies and known to assist with court cases. Comes with red bag and oil.


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