The Orisha Collection- The Complete Set for Elegua


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Complete set includes:
7 Day Candle
Spiritual Bath
Spiritual Oil

The youngest of the Orishas, Elegua, gets a bad rap for being a trickster. He is playful and means no harm. He holds the keys to all paths and can be petitioned for:

Opening and Closing of Paths
Healing and workings on the Inner Child

Appointment Bookings:

I am a Conjurer, Spiritualist and a practitioner of Regla De La Ocha from the Ile of Wassa Wassa Hijo de Chango. Oya governs my head as I help to create change in people’s lives. All of my Conjure OIls and Spiritual Baths have been personally blessed by myself while my Orisha products have been blessed by my Olorisha Wassa Wassa. If you want quality products that work, personal guidance with any works then you have come to the right place.

I can also be typically found at Terra Blue (518 S. Elm Street Greensboro NC 27401) on Friday Mornings from 10 am to 2 pm (please confirm I am there before arrival).

In addition to the products here my services include:

House Cleanings & Blessings
Path Readings
Mediumship/Ancestral Readings
Ceremonial Baths
Hex/Curse Removals
Candle Petitions

Products include:
7 Day Blessed Candles
Spirit/Conjure Oils
Blessed Charms
Spirit Guide Necklaces
Spiritual Bath Salts
Handmade Incense
Products for all Orishas

Also for sale at
Terra Blue
518 S Elm St.
Greensboro, NC 27401


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