The Ultimate Triple Moon Goddess Mystery Gift Box

The Ultimate Triple Moon Goddess Mystery Gift Box


Hail & Salutations!

Welcome to our little witchy shop & thank you for considering our gift boxes. 

The Ultimate Goddess Gift Box:

All products from our shop are made and assembled during ritual and blessed with the intentions of Love, Joy, Windom, Understanding, Healing and Grace.

*Products will differ from photo, the photo is used for inspiration.



How does it work?

This box is loaded with over $450 of Witchy Goddess.

When purchasing an assembled gift bundle box we our able to discount items from our shop.

Whats included?

1 Triplemoon Wooden Herb Chest.

1 Wooden Triplemoon Incense Storage Box.

1 Assorted Cast Iron Cauldron Filled Spell Candle To Call In Love and Joy Made With Herbs and Gemstones. (CAULDRONS CAN BE REUSED)

1 pentacle charcoal chalice 

1 Triplemoon Charcoal Tong

1 Cast Iron charcoal burner small

1 Triplemoon Goddess Oil Burner.

1 Witches Brew Oil.

1 Sage Space Cleansing Spray.

1 Assorted Smudge Stick.

1 Palo Santo Bundle.

1 Selenite Wand Raw 2″-3″.

1 Triplemoon Altar Chime

1 Cresent Moon Dream Catcher.

1 Goddess Prayer Shall.

1 Pray Bell.

1 Goddess Altar Carpet Wall Hanging.

1 Pendulum Assorted Stones.

1 Glitter Journal

1 Selenite LED Light Up Tower.

7 Packs of Assorted Incense. 

1 Goddess Herb Carry Shoulder Satchel.

1 Triplemoon Goddess Smudging Feather.

5 Assorted Herbs Packaged and Labeled With Magickal Uses.

7 Assorated Spell Candles for Ritual.

1 Triplemoon Goddess Altar Tile Incense Burner.

condition: new


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