Witches Bottle Mini Edition


💫 Witches Bottle 💫 Mini Edition
Let’s face it, being a Chaos Witch can get somewhat messy. I handcraft these bottles by gathering all my best-intentioned “left-overs” from creating all of the Intention bottles, to create this “One-Stop-Shop” type of bottle:  The Witches Bottle. Within these special bottles you will find various ingredients to promote and support your Intuition, Protection, Prosperity, Happiness, and even Relaxation and Motivation for when they are needed!

Bottles will be chosen at random, all are topped with hand-colored epoxy to ensure it remains intact if you decide to carry your Spell Bottle on your person. Please note the colors and bottles may vary individually.  


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✨ How to Attune your Spell Bottle ✨
To attune your Bottle to you, hold your spell bottle close to your heart, and take a few deep cleansing breaths. Once you feel clear-minded, visualize or state your intent for the Bottle to the Universe in detail. Make sure to explain exactly what areas you would like the bottle to assist in, and paint a clear picture of how the bottle and Universe can help you. Envision what life would be like once this desire manifests,  then once you have that feel-good energy, hold onto it for a moment. Our thoughts and energy are powerful manifestors give the energy momentum to propel your Bottle and Universe into action in a clear fashion.

✨ How to Charge your Spell Bottle ✨
I always find it best to utilize the power of the Sun or Moon to charge my crystals and spell bottles. Leave your bottle out from dusk to dawn to utilize both the Sun and Moon’s energy for your bottle!
Sun – Sunlight is amazing at both cleansing and charging! The type of energy provided from the sun is Motivational, Energetic, Happy and can help with Focus.
New Moon (From Dark Moon to Waxing Moon) – The type of energy provided from the New Moon is great for Fresh Beginnings, Goal Setting, Cleaning, General Motivations.
Waxing Moon (From New Moon to Full Moon) – The type of energy provided from the Waxing Moon is great for Invoking Beginnings, Fresh Projects, Inspiration and working on Constructive Ideas.
Full Moon (Approximately 14 days after New Moon) – The type of energy provided from the Full Moon is great for Manifesting Goals, Nurturing, Healing, and working on Protection, Strength and Power.
Waning Moon (From Full Moon to Dark Moon) – The type of energy provided from the Waning Moon is great for Banishing, Releasing the Old, and working on Spiritual Cleansing.

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