Witchy Vibes Colouring Page


A downloadable hand-drawn witchy colouring page of hands and a potion beneath the phases of the moon. Print it out and colour with intention as a form of transformational art magick, and display it or put it in your Book of Shadows. 

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A lovingly drawn ensemble of witchy elements, including a moth, tattooed witch hands, a potion bottle, herbs, mushrooms, and crystal. Above the tattoo-style design are the different phases of the moon, and in the background a universe sparkles with planets and stars.

Print this downloadable colouring page and colour with intention as a mindfulness spell, meditating on magical power, intuition, and your spiritual path as a witch. Display it or put it in your Book of Shadows.

Three formats are provided: jpeg, pdf, and a transparent png for people who would prefer to colour it digitally while maintaining crisp lines.

Personal use ONLY, do not resell!


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