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Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz- The lover

Rose Quartz is one of the most popular gemstones, and usually one of the first in any collection. There are many compelling reasons as to why. Here we will touch up on some of the most basic and most known information on this precious stone that has captured our hearts.

Rose Quartz attributes

Earliest Recorded Years

Rose quartz can be dated back to 3,000 BCE where it has been discovered in the area formerly recognized as Mesopotamia (Today it is known as Iraq.). Rose quartz jewelry was scarcely known to be crafted by the Assyrians around 1400-1300 BCE. This alleged fact may have been where it all started, and ever since artistic talented people can not stop creating breathtaking pieces.

Several ancient civilizations may have sincerely believed in the magickal powers of rose quartz. Ancient Roman, Egyptian, and Greek civilizations used quartz crystals as potent talismans for various healing, and peaceful intentions. Egyptians worked with this precious stone for funeral ceremonies vessels and believed the stone could prevent aging. This may be one of the reasons why it is being used in today’s society for beauty products. Afterward, in history, many used this stone to support with love potions along with promoting healing.

Historical Folklore

Not all gemstones consist of a story involving God and Goddesses but rose quartz is one of them. One legend goes to say that Ares had severely wounded in personal combat, as Aphrodite rushed to the side of her lover she caught herself on a prickly thorn. The precious blood from the dying lovers dripped on clear crystal and stained it pink as a lasting symbol of their tragic love. Most everyone who wholeheartedly collects, affectionately knows that rose quartz by heart is the precious stone of all ties to overwhelming love. However rose quartz properties are also firmly linked with compassion and unconditional love, that it goes beyond just romantic love. With its versatility in applications and a gentle, diffused energy, the rose quartz stone uses the energy of unconditional love to bring your consciousness to a higher level. Its high frequencies will help you forgive by understanding situations from more positive perspectives.

Holistic Information

Rose Quartz can also aid in emotional healing. It can ease emotional stress and may help with any physical effects from stress, like panic attacks. It may also help ease anxiety and fear by bringing your attention to love and light verses negativity. 

Since rose quartz is heavily connected to the element of water, its healing properties are fluid, it is as if the negative energy is washed away in gentle wave-like movements.  

Rose Quartz can also soothe your emotions by bringing the heart chakra into balance. By opening and activating the heart chakra, the rose quartz stone can help you recognize your capacity for compassion. As the heart chakra stone, rose quartz opens the heart and allows you to restore trust, so you can move forward in any situation. Rose quartz can help you replace any dark feelings that you may have been holding onto from the past with pure thoughts of unconditional love and light. Rose quartz healing properties can help you understand and accept past situations, which will allow your heart to heal from emotional wounds and transform into a renewed state of trust. Its soft, feminine energy brings tenderness back into any energy you need it to. The lesson of rose quartz is to align with the energy of love in all aspects of your life, so that you can do everything from a place of love. 

Another possible way to instantly access the holistic healing of rose quartz is traditionally by infusing its radiant energy into moonlit water to naturally make a gem essence. You can create this gem essence by what is called programming your stone with the intentions you want to gather strength from. It is suggested to use beauty, self-confidence and an inner-light. You place your rose quartz in a bowl (Try using ceramic or glass, if not any container works.) of spring water may be best but you can utilize any type of water. Depending on you and your intentions, you will then allow the stone to absorb the energies from the sun rays or the moon rays. If you want to add to the gem essence, you may additionally include oils and rose petals to enforce your intentions. Some essential oils that may work best are typically ylang-ylang, lavender, and jasmine. Although naturally depending on your emotional connections to the oils you make use one that fits just as well. If you want to enhance yourself with a bath, you may include your rose quartz into your bath and perhaps some Himalayan salt. As you gradually relax focus on your emotional points of personal intention that you need strength in.

In addition mantras that can be traditionally done during personal meditations to help transform negative energies into love and compassion. To intimately connect to the rose quartz healing graciously allows your active mind to flow freely from both good and bad. Concentrate fiercely on your calming breath, breathe in genuine love and promptly expel any grudges or negativity you have inevitably felt within your core. Fondly imagine a pink ray of brilliant light of unconditional love surrounding you while flowing inside, let this light re-energize your weary mind and compassionate heart with unconditional love and light. You may speak favorably any familiar chant that you feel most connected to, but here is a humble one. “I am love. I am light.” 

This gemstone is marvelously connected to Valentines day in many unique ways and not just because it is naturally the stone of love. It will also intimately naturally help connect you to the eternal love of yourself. It just so happens that by accessing wisdom through self, your connection with your partner may naturally deepen. Rose quartz can also help deepen the lasting bond between dear friends and family members. Wisely let this be the precious stone of divine gift to all those you sincerely wish to be intimately connected with the sacred ties of unconditional love. 

Blessed Be



Rose Quartz is one of the most popular gemstones, and usually one of the first in any collection. There are many compelling reasons as to why this makes it so. In this minor post, we will touch up on some of the most basic and most known about this precious stone that has captured our hearts.