October 31ST to November 1st (northern hemisphere)30 April 30th–1st May (southern hemisphere)

It seems that recently more and more people are learning the history about the origins of this season celebrations, as they are learning that Halloween was rooted in many pagan festivals it opens up the conversation.  I am so excited that I can have wonderful conversations about these wonderful celebrations with others who are genuinely interested.  I hope I am able to make this interesting and that you learn something you really enjoy. 

Samhain which is pronounced many different way, however most used is sow-in 

ˈsɑːwɪnˈsɪn/Irish: [ˈsˠəuɪnʲ] Scottish Gaelic: [ˈs̪ãũ.ɪɲ] 

Older forms of the word include the Scottish Gaelic spellings Samhainn and Samhuinn. In Manx Gaelic the name is Sauin.

This celebration is heavily connected to the Gaelic lands, and Celtic origins. It is thought to be part of the utmost importance from the earliest period that has been researched. 

The main reasoning behind Samhain is that at this time the veil of both realms was it’s thinnest, thus  Aos Sí, the ‘spirits’ or ‘fairies‘ need offerings to make sure that they will help survive the winter and have a successful harvest.

The Roman Catholic holy day of All Saints (or All Hallows) was introduced in the year 609, but was originally celebrated on 13 May.[92]  (This is a very interesting tidbit since that is the day I was born. ) It was then changed in 835 to November 1st.

In some Wiccan practices this is the time to celebrate their ancestors, family, friends, pet, and all loved ones who have passed on. They have some of the same rituals as stated here.

Ways to Celebrate

There are many ways that you can celebrate, the main thing is that the way you celebrate it needs to resonate with you. Following your path is yours, and all that we explain here should be considered as a tool to help guide you only. There is not true or false way. 

    • Special bonfires or even a small personal fire in a pit. Fires have been one of the ways to help celebrate by protecting and cleansing. 
    • Offerings of food and drink, left for the spirits. 
    • Having feasts where the souls of the family are asked to join in since they are thought to come to revisit looking for hospitality.
  • Mumming ( Folk plays) and guising ( dressing up) This is where the trick or treat came from since in most cases they did this for exchange of food.

Similar Holidays- Worldwide

    • Samhuinn Fire Festival -Scotland
    • Día de los Muertos or Day of the Dead -Mexico 
    • Borgo a Mozzano -Italy
    • Daimonji -Japan
    • Gai Jatra -Nepal
    • Bonfire Night -England 
    • Fastelavn -Denmark
    • Walpurgis Nacht, or Witches Night -Germany 
    • Hungry Ghost Festival -Asia
    • Halloween  -Around the World
    • Day of Dracula -Romania 
    • Kawasaki Halloween Parade -Japan
    • Pangangaluluwa -Philippines
    • Pitru Paksha -India 
    • Dzień Zaduszny -Poland
    • Awuru Odo Festival -Nigeria
    • Pchum Ben -Cambodia 
    • Ognissanti -Italy
    • All Saints’ Day, followed by All Souls’ Day -Worldwide

    If you know of any others we may have not listed here please feel free to reach out to us.


An Escape from the Faeries

Not all captives were as willing as Thomas, nor the faery queen as willing to part with her mortal lover. One of the most famous tales, recorded by the Scottish poet Robert Burns as well as several other poets, is that of Tam Lin, a Scottish knight who fell from his horse and was captured by the Queen of the Faeries. She bound him with magic and posted him to guard one of the entrances to the world of humans at the well of Carteraugh, close to the borders of Scotland.

Young maidens were warned not to drink at the well, for every time they did and picked one of the roses that overhung it, Tam Lin would appear and demand that either the girl gave him a green mantle or offered up her virginity.

One bold young woman, Janet, decided to see whether the myth was true, and plucked a rose from the well. She and Tam Lin fell in love, and he wanted to escape from the Faery Kingdom to wed Janet.

The next night was Halloween, and Tam Lin explained that there was an opportunity that only occurred every seven years for him to escape. The Faery Ride would take place, when then the faeries moved to their winter quarters (in some versions seen as hell). The faery troop had to ride on horseback along the road. Tam Lin told Janet to wait for him at the crossroads at midnight and to hold on to him, whatever form he took.

As Tam Lin rode by in the faery procession, Janet pulled him from his horse and held tight. Just as he had warned Janet, the Faery Queen turned Tam Lin first into a newt, then a snake, a tiger, a bear, and finally into red hot metal. Janet held fast, and as he became molten metal, she plunged him into the magical well.

The spell was broken. Tam Lin emerged from the water in human form, and he and Janet were soon married.



October 31ST to November 1st (northern hemisphere)30 April 30th–1st May (southern hemisphere)