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Snow Moon

The meaning behind the name

February’s full moon was named The Snow Moon mostly because it was known to be the month with record snowfall.  

  • Rises Near the East at sunset
  • Highest in the Sky at midnight
  • Sets Near the West at sunrise

Alternative Moon Names

Historically there have been other names by different cultures, most of them can be tied to naming after animals. Such as,

  • Bald Eagle Moon or Eagle Moon. 
  • Bear Moon
  • Black Bear Moon 
  • Raccoon Moon
  • Groundhog Moon
  • Month of the Bony Moon and Hungry Moon


Making it’s dramatic entrance while in the fiery sign of Leo, this lunar’s show is highlighting the attributes of passion, confidence, creativity and so much more. You may notice that you are seeking for love, overwhelmed by enthusiasm, or ready to fully embrace you and your magick.  

Venus, which is known as the love planet and Mars, known as a sex planet maybe creating a connection though out the day. Which may be a steamy source for beginning a romance that may build a strong foundation. Not only will you be propelled by the Snow Moon, Venus and Leo, you will get support from the planet Jupiter with it’s unique and rare sextile with Uranus. This may bring you revelations, unexpected blessings, along with highlighting ideas that you may have pushed to the side.  Let your inner light, fire, passion and magick illuminate your world. Roar with the Leo!

How To Work With The Full Snow Moon’s Energy

The energy and intentions of the month, and the ruling planets make this the perfect time to manifest abundance in relationships, romance, love, and even confidence for you or love ones who may need it. This will help aid you with your magick workings for these intentions. Using crystals, spells. or even sex magick.

Feeling overwhelmed by these strong energies? What can you do to help ground yourself while absorbing the power and converting it to it’s full potential? Use the energy of February of transitions by making yourself lists, it can be of things you wish to change. If so you may do a burning of them, setting them free and away from you. Right now is the perfect time to build your foundation and transitioning to progress, it is being supported by the cosmos. Let your dreams and future become your present.  



February’s full moon was named The Snow Moon mostly because it was known to be the month with record snowfall.