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Garnet Key Creations

Garnet Key Creations started as a way for the owner, Seirrha, to be able to reconnect and relax during the pandemic during what minimal time she had when not working. Seirrha went to school to become an artist but has always known Fine Art is an aspect of how she creates but not all she had to offer. Being raised by a single mom who allowed Seirrha to explore her spiritual path and made it inevitable that she was going to explore the metaphysical. Growing up with a love of the weird has manifested in some of the creations you’ll find here. 

All works are handmade and ethically sourced. All items with stones are made with intention and are assembled to best benefit those wearing or using it.

We are a Neurodivergent and LGBTQ+ company. 

Follow us on Facebook @Garnetkeycreations and Instagram @garnetkeycreations to stay in touch with all of our escapades and new products.

You can also find a selection of our work at Uncanny Valley Gallery in Grand Junction, Colorado.