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The 3 Reasons Why I Create My Own Oracle Cards

three reasons I create my own oracle cards

I’ve been making oracle cards for several years now and have really enjoyed the process. But I realized that I never really sat down to tell you why I love it. That is what I want to do today, share the story of why I create my own Oracle Cards.

1. I love to create. I am an artist.

Simple, right? I make my own cards because I’m an artist and I love to create. I love to collect other decks because of the artwork as much as I like the messages.

Making my own cards means a trip to the art supply store, choosing the paper, cutting them to size, picking the pencils, and creating the imagery. I get to see the process from start to finish and that feels so good. I get to spend time in my office creating these cards and that is time well spent. I love this process of receiving the message, envisioning the images, and then getting them out of my head and onto paper.

It’s inspiring and makes me appreciate the artwork that goes into all the other decks out there even more.

2. Developing my intuition has been incredible

Using decks I’ve collected develops intuition of course. Getting grounded, asking your Guides questions, and receiving the messages through the cards, of course, helps develop your senses. However, it’s a whole different game when you make your cards from scratch. You must center yourself and connect deeply enough to listen to the messages without any tools. Or at least no visual tools (your cards).

I consider meditations, journaling, candles, crystals, and other such items tools to help you connect. I don’t have a card with words or images telling me what my message is though. I must listen, get it out on paper and design my own imagery that goes with it. Listening takes practice

I create the images and then I write the message down in my own guidebook note in Evernote (a highly recommended app for creatives with tons of ideas running through their heads). The process is beautiful and in doing it over and over, I’ve learned the ways my guides connect with me. I’ve learned to listen.

3. It’s my own unique deck

This deck is 100% my own. My own messages are specifically for me. Now, there are other decks that I’ve purchased that I LOVE, that I connect to, but there is just something different about my own. About knowing the specific stories behind each card that I’ve created. Each one came from a dream, a difficult moment, or a reminder from the Universe. With each one, I recall the memories and emotions from that time. I can’t say that about the decks I’ve purchased because they were created by someone else, from their perspectives, memories, and channeled messages.

There you have it. Three of the many reasons why I create my own Oracle Cards. I love every minute of the process and that is why I love to share this process. I want you to experience these things too. I want you to experience the joys of creating, connecting to your guides, and making something uniquely your own.

Ready for making your own? I offer several oracle and tarot deck sizes ready for you to start creating! Head over to my shop to select yours.

Originally published May 29, 2019.

About the Author:

I teach you how to trust your intuition through art and divination.

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