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Welcome to FaeHolm

FaeHolm is a mystical all in one platform for handmade artisans, craft businesses and portfolio connections.

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The Cauldron Corner

Find magic and treasures that helps to support our artisans.

About This Program

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MY Vision

Here in the cauldron corner you can find memberships that will be supporting creator’s up and coming project, products, and services.   

My Mission

Supporting creators is such a fluid part in the creative world. Times are always changing, always adapting. Subscribing and joining memberships is one of the newest way to not only support, but to be part of their growth and success, all while receiving rewards. 

Meet Amanda &FaeHolm

A Little about me

Founded in 2019 by Amanda, FaeHolm is just starting it’s service to help artisans and small businesses. Amanda first started this because, her passion for helping other artisans flourish, by providing the best marketplace drove her to do intense research, and gave her the strength to turn hard work and inspiration into to a mystical online store. We are thrilled to be a part of the magickal wing of the online pagan, open spiritual, and misfits of the world industry.

Yearly Memberships Upgraded 15/600
Fae Mystery Box Sold 3/100


Fill this out to submit your projects, goals, and business. 

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Handcrafted & Services

Our community's business and creators are not all just handmade so you can find these types of listings here.
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