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-Find magic and treasures that helps support our artisans-

Supporting creators is such a fluid part in the creative world. Times are always changing, always adapting. Subscribing and joining memberships is one of the newest way to not only support, but to be part of their growth and success, all while receiving rewards. 

Here in the cauldron corner you can find memberships that will be supporting creator’s up and coming project, products, and services.   

Fae Holm

Just using the platform you are already supporting us. Here are some memberships you can join that will be fully supporting the platform’s success, and it’s developments into future projects.

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FaeHolm Career Center

By subscribing to a shop membership, or our boxes you are supporting the creations of jobs in our community. 

15 memberships of 500 goal
Goal 3%
3 boxes of 100 goal
Goal 3%

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