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Intention candle


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100 % soy wax intention Candle made with crystals and herbs for various intentions

I’m a certified reiki master. Ive created these candles to help you achieve what you’re trying to manifest. With all that’s transpiring in the world at this moment. Its imperative to keep yourself in a high and positive frequency. These candles were created to assist you in maintaining your auric feild at optimal level. Negating any trapped dense energy. Each candle is made with intention containing herbs and crystals with the properties of the candle. 

1 Fertility moonstone and rose quartz rose buds

2 Joy and positivity 

Clear quartz ametrine and citrine 

3 Anti anxiety 

Forget me nots and Opalite and amethyst 

4. Universal love

 Jasmine Amazonite and green adventurine 

5 intuition 

Amethyst and Forget me nots 

6 self love 

Cherry quartz and Rose petals 

7 Road opener 

Clear quartz and obsidian Bay leaves and rose petals 

8. Protection

Nettle, Rosemary, Eucalyptus and obsidian

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